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After calling upon the dark lord and chanting the lyrics to Barry Manilow's 'Mandy' backwards, I managed to get Vista installed.


You wouldn't believe the fucking hell I had to endure to get that thing installed. Prepare for a dull story.

In the beginning...
In June I signed on for the Beta 2 preview, I installed the damn thing. Took forever, I lost hair. Once the fucker was installed I got to work removing all the crap that Microsoft tends to put in for dumbasses (yes, I'm smarter than you, you'll have to live with it). So in the midst of learning my way around this thing I realized something, I was missing 'glass'. Yes, I didn't have the Aero glass theme. As everyone knows, this is the only reason to have Vista. I thought, "oh, well, I guess they don't have video drivers for my card". So I went to install the nvidia beta drivers. Oh boy, what a shit-show that was. It came up with a lovely error stating that I didn't have any hardware capable of using that driver. Imagine my rage. If words and thoughts could kill I'm sure there's a planet entirely devoid of life now. But I digress. I look into the matter further. I go into the device manager, and lo and behold I see my problem: an exclamation mark by the nForce4 PCI-Express Root Port drivers. JOY! I thought, OK, I'll go to nVidia and fix this shit right now. But oh no, I was fucking denied again. No drivers for Beta 2... I checked forums, the web, etc... several people had the same or similar issues as I, but no answers were forthcoming. So I spent a couple of days trying everything short of moving bits around with a magnet to get it working.... Then I killed it. It felt good.

So, we come to yesterday. I see a message in the Lounge stating that RC1 was released for those who are in the CPP program, which I am. I grabbed that bitch right fast (seriously, they upgraded my cable to 10 mbit/sec, it's lusty). I think to myself, "this HAS to work, surely they've fixed that root port shit by now." So I install it, and go off to watch some Babylon 5. I come back, the install is done. Fuck me, that's MUCH faster than before. I get into it and lo and be-fucking-hold.....


I still had the same error. Again, another planet lost the entire contents of its biosphere thanks to my directed rage. So... off I go, drivers, web sites, forums, newsgroups, etc... No one had the answer, except one person made a note that Vista REQUIRES ACPI. OK, my board is new, it should have it, but what the fuck, I'll look. I did, and lo and behold. ACPI APic: [Disabled] How the hell did that happen? I certainly didn't disable it. I enabled it, and vowed to get to the bottom of this even if it kills you. Yes you, not me, you. I reboot, and... nothing again. So I figured since I was messing around with it so much I may have fucked something up... my solution: re-install. Which I did, and it did, and it rebooted, and it worked, and I wept as I stabbed kittens. It's now running like a motherfucking snake on a motherfucking plane.

What do I think? So far I like it a lot, there's been many changes and it's taking a bit to become accustomed to it all. It's all part of the process. And I'd like to take the time to point out to all the dumbasses out there who complain: "There's too many pop up messages when I want to do something... Microsoft sucks, linux 4ever and so forth... whine whine whine... I'm a pathetic little bitch" Shut the fuck up, you people are the first to complain when the security is lacking, now you complain that there's an attempt at providing some security. Honestly people, you can't have your cake and eat it too (especially given the spotty history windows has regarding security). Clicking a button on a message box a couple of times is not going to kill you.

Not much has been done with the font editor since I got back, I'm still in vacation mode, once I've lost the will to live (i.e. very soon) I'll begin to work on it again.
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As a cross-platform enthusiast:
I didn't think there were really more pop-up messages than OS X. I suppose some exceptionally poorly written software (of which there seems to be a lot of on Windows, virtue of the userbase) might keep requesting elevated privileges over and over so you'd be there for a goddamn hour punching in your password.

The question is if that sudo box is really all that secure, or if we'll start seeing malware to ride on top of it and keylog your password. I know the ones in OS X and Linux get the keyboard exclusively and complain if they don't, though (the one in Ubuntu is chilling).

Passing off the security, Vista looks a lot like OS X 10.0 before they fixed all the bugs and made the title bars less goddamn annoying to read.

I still don't think Vista has enough features to justify an upgrade considering how long it's taken them to release, but I'll probably upgrade once I get the chance so I can have OGL 1.4. Most of their changes seem along the lines of usability "improvements" (aka. "How much more training can we sell?") as opposed to new neat stuff in the background, like WinFS or built-in Monad/PSH.

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