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Update and small rant

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I have just finished reading one book, and came to the realization that well... Writing a game or inmy case just lamely copying a small game engine won't help me learn game programming at all, its still my goal but this is not the way to do it. Thankfully I did score a good book made by frank D. luna his explanation of every important facet of directX will help me greatly. I hope to be working on this book more tommorow.

For the new game programmers: Its important you start small, its written everywhere but trust me. Its easy to copy someone else his code. But without understanding this code, and the reason why its implemented you will get in trouble later as I discovered. I am going to be writing small demos and posting them as I get over a few things over with. School is going great, in Holland they have decided to make a few minors in Game development, and in my school I am dead in the centre in helping organize a Minor Game development, I even offered to assist in writing a basic engine. And have signed up for a project with 25 people to make the engine in groups. It is looking REALLY fun and thrilling to be part of something just starting! :)

One other thing has been bothering me a lot recently.

Most of you probably know what an MMO is, MMO are a great strenght but also a great weakness to the game industry, it involves comunicating with hundreds of players in one screen. when UO came out it caused a upheaval, sadly with this power also comes a problem that not many people seem to have really looked at. Many games, in my case FFXI and UO have completly different ways of handeling player interaction. in FFXI the game ecourages teamwork, and people working for a common cause. In UO you can solo most things, and well trash the snot out of anyone who pisses you off in fel.

Another interesting aspect is that in WOW you cannot talk to the opposing team (what the hell?) but you can kill them, resskill, be a total wank off and get away with it. I have just decided to close my FFXI account after just realizing what for sort of people play the game, I trusted a few people and like a cardhouse all of them managed to offend me and even go as far as to just were looking for a fight with me. I do not like saying much bad things but the overdependence for other people in FFXI is its greatest strenght but also it's greatest weakness, I played this game nowadays mostly for myt friends, but friends in games can be deceitfull and painfull sadly. I have had to experience people turning your back on you after they have gotten their stuff. And this is an overall issue that MMORG developers need to look at : player interaction is ok, but does a entire game have to become a frigging chatbox where you cry for help?

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