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And now, the Continuation...

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My first week of work was interesting. In a not all that interesting kind of way. It's a new office - I started the day they moved in - so it's taken a little while to get things sorted out plus some key people have been off, so although I've been there a week I've yet to actually do any work.

I spent all of Monday playing Rome: Total War and getting paid for it! The rest of the week I've reading through the project documents and familiarising myself with the existing codebase. Some of the code is pretty poorly written (thousand line functions with ten levels of indentation anyone?) but the company's definitely trying to move in the right direction. The coding standards for the current project are heavily based on the book C++ Coding Standards by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu. That was another reason I had nothing to do - they were going to get me to read the book, but I already own a copy!

On the mod side I've managed to get the antialiased high-res screenshots working. I eventually used an old hack to hook the main rendering function and replace it with a function that calls the function it replaced multiple times. A little ugly, but it works. Now I'm working on loading the screenshots into the screensaver using Jpeg2000 format. Unfortunately loading a 2048x2048 resolution Jpeg2000 image is taking ~7500ms with Jasper, which is a tad long so I'm going to have to investigate either purchasing a j2k-codec license or writing my own Jpeg2000 decoder. I'll probably try the second route first as I feel like I haven't done much serious coding recently. Plus I haven't received my first pay cheque yet.

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