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Old things

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I just went through really old programs that I wrote som years ago. It's funny doing that. You notice how much you learned since then.

Anyway, found a little 2D game (snake-like) that was all finished and could run on my 64-bit system although compiled 2002. I think I'm going to put it in the Showcase (beacause I really want to post SOMETHING to see how it works). It's just a little program but there are more of the like in the showcase so I figure I'll not make a total fool of myself posting it...

Have other things I could post as well, but I'm having trouble finding the right dll-s for all that old stuff. I was using allegro at the time, but now I'm using DirectX.
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Hurr, the showcase. It was really buggy when I last played with it (though that was shortly after its release); hopefully they've fixed a lot of things.

As for DLL files, FTW.

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It would take me forever to go through all my old code. I really need to get hard copies backed up before it is all lost for good.

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