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Another excessive screenshot

Sometimes there's nothing more beautiful than young love. Unless it's the lobby to a science lab that was just wiped out by some special-forces psycho using a ramjet-assisted sniper rifle and small-caliber assault rifle.

I think there's about six or seven corpses in there. See if you can spot 'em all.

Of bugs, and men

So I was thinking "hey, the gunfire is framerate dependent on guns that are sub-vsync firing rate. That's not very nice."

But when I went to change it, this happened:

Yeah. So, uhhhh, I have to fix that.

Virulent Pantaloons: Remix

So, erh, I start school again soon. Hopefully I still have lots of time for game development.

I want to get Glow out really soon, and I'm just working on the last level and waiting for some extra content to get delivered. I think you guys will really enjoy playing it; I love this brainless carnage-fest.

What's after it's released? I dunno -- probably patching it and making it better. And drinking.

I'm also working on the boss characters; I think the third level is too hard so I'm going to see if I can tighten up them graphics.
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Well, it locks up the machine for like two or three seconds while generating all the bullets. [grin]

It's very cool to watch in realtime, though.

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