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Open letter to whoever broke into my truck

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Mike Bossy


I hadn't driven my truck all weekend so imagine my surprise when I got in it tonight going to my hockey game. The door was already ajar and everything inside was a mess, at least more of a mess than normal. Evidently sometime this weekend you somehow got into my truck, and while looking for something to steal threw every single piece of crap in the truck around. You looked through the glove compartment, you looked through the console thingy between the front seats, you even looked in the ashtray that I didn't even know I had. Good job on finding all the good spots.

Unfortunately for you I don't keep anything worthy of stealing in my truck. Once in the past I had a break in which depleted a few CD from my music collection and ever since then I don't keep anything in the truck overnight. Sure I still have CDs in there but they're all burned and not original. You didn't deem them valuable enough to take. I also have an old pair of roller blades and 3 random golf clubs in the back, because you never know when a game of roller golf is going to break out, but once again you didn't deem them valuable enough either. The stereo is the stock stereo that comes from Ford so that wasn't worth it, and the truck itself is a boring Ranger. Not worth much in the slice and dice shop. Next time look for a Civic. I hear those are worth a lot for their parts.

I do thank you for being considerate to the truck. You didn't smash any windows to get in, didn't try to pry the stereo out, and didn't try to rip apart the steering column to get it on the road. All in all you were the kind of thief that I would want in my truck.

I promise that in the future instead of giving away my old CDs, or selling them to a music shop, I'll keep a few in my truck so you have at least something to show for you effort.
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wow, major failure on the part of the thief. they should take a course on how to choose targets with a high payoff/risk ratio.


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I too have now learned the lesson of leaving things in my vehicle. Someone just recently stole my stereo, my gym bag (with mp3 player) and I just happened to have a bag from Best Buy with some laptop RAM and two SE DVD's.

Oh well, they made out this time. But I got a new stereo and much better Mp3 player. Unfortunately, insurance SUCKS! My auto insurance only covers anything attached to the vehicle. $250 deductible and they will pay for my $300 stereo. Anything else is covered by your home insurance. $1,000 deductible will cover the $500 worth of other stuff. Also, if I make the claim, I lose my 10% discount of claim-free insurance.

F**king teenagers. Anyway, I no longer keep anything of value in my car.

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