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Here we go then!

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Well here we go, the start of a long, and hopefully rewarding, journey into the distant lands of game programming.

I'm 35, been programming embedded systems and various other business solutions for around 15 years. I'm now bored with that, I want challenge and excitement. More than that though, I want to do what I've always dreamed of doing, but until now has been very distant, the need to feed a family, pay bills and keep my house has been my main priority, and taken up nearly all of my time.

Now though, I have some freedom, my kids are getting more independant, my financial committments are easing, and I now have some time, so now I'm going to have to put in a lot of planning into using that time effectively to maximize the learning and experience necessary to write games, not just games, but great games that people would want to play, and maybe even games that may get me a job offer with some games company.

Oh, I should say that my interest would be in 3D games, FPS, racing, RPG and RTS, preferably on Windows, Linux and *BSD platforms, I'm not sure about consoles as yet as I don't really know how easy/difficult they would be to program for.

Anyway, if anyone dares read this, and has any suggestions at all, even if its your too old granda stick with SQL, please feel free to make them.

Have fun today!
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Welcome to journal land, I am very interested in where your journey takes you :-) I'm sure your experience of embedded systems will bode well for your success.

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Hey, welcome to journaldom!

I too have only just started journaling my efforts at game-creation-goodness. I certainly wouldn't class myself as a veteran of game-development (having never released a full game myself), so for advice I'll quote others who have!

The best advice I've seen for new developers is "start small". I'm sure you're brimming with glorious ideas for wonderfull new innovations in the games industry, but it's definitely worth your while to begin by experimenting by making small projects. That way you can learn all those important bits about funadental engine design, etc, without being sunk into a huge endevour that'll take years.

Anyway, that's just my $0.02 and like I said; I'm not a pro. I wish you all the best in your future projects.


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Welcome aboard :)

I will be following your journal closely as we have some similarities. I am 34 and have always dreamed of being a game programmer. Having a career, going to school full time and being married make it a little difficult. I have just recently gotten the bug again, so I have just started getting into it again.

Good luck :)

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Hey! Glad that you decided to plop down here to share your adventure on wanting to become an industry game dev junky!

You can do it. Just stay motivated and keep your eye on the bouncing ball.


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