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Bug update:
So far in my new place I've seen a grand total of four bugs. Now, if I'm realistic thats not too many, but personally thats four too many for me. I'm hoping they're just isolated incidents, as they don't seem to be from any common area. But I still have The Fear that I'm never going to be rid of the little bastards. If I find many more I'm calling the exterminators in.

Project update:
I'm slowly adding back in all the functionality that I originally had but broke with the Swing upgrade.

Most of those controls are actually wired up now (with the exception of some of the dummy menu options, and I've still got to do the 'up' and 'down' commands). I've still got plenty to do though - camera dragging in particular, as well as the animation preview/playback functionality and a rework to remove some awkwardness with workspaces needing to be saved when created (ie. they have to exist on disk before you can do anything with them).

I don't expect the UI layout to change much from what I've got now - the list on the left shows all the keyframes within the loaded workspace, and it's these that you pose and manipulate. The list on the top right shows all the animations in the workspace. The table at the bottom right shows the keyframe sequence for the currently selected animation. Keyframes are then added to the sequence with a duration indicating the time between keyframes, and it's these that are played back by lerping between keyframes.

The icons across the top allow you to pick the current 'tool'. These basically change how the mouse behaves on the grid/canvas. From left to right these are:
- Add bones tool. Add bones from the skeleton, updating all keyframes to match the new structure.
- Remove bones tool. As above, but removes bones.
- Translate skeleton tool. Moves a whole skeleton around.
- Manipulator tool (with placeholder icon). Allows you to drag and reposition the individual bones.

I'm not sure how temporary the icons are - I just drew them pretty fast and they look ok, but I'm not sure if they actually communicate what they do or not. Oh well, at least they've got semi-helpful tooltips. I imagine that all the buttons shown will eventually have icons rather than text, although they'll also be present on the menus where they'll be shown as text to help new users.

I'd be interested in comments and feedback - particularly on the general layout and how intuitive (or not) it actually looks (although I appreciate thats probably not too obvious without actually using it. I'd also like to hear opinions about text vs. icons for the buttons I've currently got. I suspect the icons are a little large for some peoples taste, but they do allow them to be clearer and (hopefully) more descriptive.
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Looks really cool. The layout seems pretty solid and organized.

Edit: Also, I like the icons more than the text. Although, they don't really convey what they do.

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