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Woo woo.

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So, um, I sent my laptop into the shop again, this time to have the keyboard replaced (the space bar was "squeaky"). It took about an hour, so I sipped root beer and sat around nearby. I hope the problem is solved now, so I can continue producing excellent games.

Lately in Glow, I've been adding a couple of 'drama' entities (to add music, to pretext a conversation, or do other entertaining stuff which should distract you pretty well from the fact that you're watching a texture-mapped rotating quad strike other texture-mapped rotating quads). I think you'll really enjoy the game.

I also finished one of the bosses of the game (and added him to the survival mode) so it should be a fun kick in the pants.

I'm still waiting on music and art from Jervin and Salsa respectively, but they're both totally awesome so I'm sure they'll have it in soon.

I've also finished the conversations for level 2 and will be running them past my guest writer to make sure they make relevant sense and maintain continuity.

Good Mord, I might even release this thing. Frightening prospect, that.
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Wow I looked back through your journal and you've been working on this since March. Seems like quite a while, I didn't think it had been that long.

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