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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I've got a small update for you guys today, so read on!

Dev C++ Crash
Yeah, so today I started up DevC++ to put in some new units that Mark gave me, when I discovered, much to my dismay, that Dev C++ failed to start. Everytime it came to the info screen, and then crashed immediatly after that, so I'm not sure whats up with that, maybe its time for a reinstall.....

Cluster Bombs
These are a new addition to the game that I'm pretty proud of. They're pretty much Bombs that detonate at a set height above the ground, and explode into a cloud of smaller bomblets, that then fall to the ground, blanketing a large area with tiny explosives. Anyways, it's documented in the little sequence below...

The Bomb is Dropped, note the wrong image in the top left... I need to fix that...

The Bomb Bursts

The Bomblets Detonate

Well, sorry for this lackluster update, but since Dev C++ wont work for me, I can't show you the new units Mark gave me, and all the other stuff I've been working on is boring internal crap. Anyways, I'll try and update soon with the new units, so check in soon! Peace Out!!
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What version of Dev-C++ do you have? I know 4 for me was really buggy but I haven't had any trouble with 5(or, whatever it's called now).

Or you could try Code::Blocks, it uses the same library/compiler setup as Dev-C++ so anything that works in Dev-C++ should work in it. Last time I used it(a year ago) there was an option to import Dev-C++ projects, but it had some problems. Maybe they've fixed it since then.

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