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Damn Poker addiction

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Well, I was hoping to win a quick game online last night and then work on chapter two of the programming book, but I lost in fourth place (it pays to third place). Pissed me off so I played another game; lost in 6th place.

Just wasn't my day. Here is an example of the bad luck yesterday. I go all in with pocket Aces. Someone calls me with a Jack Four off suit. A Jack flops and a Jack turns. I lose to a set of jacks.

Anyway, I looked at chapter two and started it, but the wife came home and wanted to go out. Hopefully tonight I will get through chapters two and three.
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Unlucky on the poker, I do hate it when things like this happen. I used to play a lot and win a lot but recently I haven't had the patience to play properly (e.g. calculating the risks and making smart bets) so I've avoided playing.

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