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Truck 54, where are you?

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So apparently UPS forgot where Atlanta is. I had a package (containing my precious electronics components) which originated on the West coast last Wednesday. It then proceeded to make a stop in Texas. So far, so good - Texas is reasonably on the way from the west coast to the east coast.

Then, the mysterious happened. The package decided it wanted to go to Massachusetts. After that, it figured New Jersey would be a fun stop, and went to hang out over there for a day or two.

It just now - just today - managed to get out of New Jersey, and as of a couple of hours ago is in transit again. Maybe this time it'll decide to visit scenic Illinois, or maybe take a jaunt over to Hawaii for some last bits of sun before the weather starts cooling down again.

Hell, at this rate, it may as well go on safari in Africa for a few months.

I'd call UPS and yell a bit about how they promised my package would arrive within 5 business days, but there's an outside chance that they might actually manage to get it from NJ to here in a day. It'd be the first time in history (they usually take 3 days to route around through all the facilities and finally put it on a truck) but it's possible.

In any case, though, complaining takes too much energy. And, after all, I only gave 'em five bucks. That's barely enough money to pay for someone screwing up your hamburger and giving you rat entrails in your fries; is it really fair to expect someone to bungle the procedure of carrying a small box a few thousand miles, for so little money?
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UPS managed to break a cable shipping it to me in a cubic foot box filled with packing peanuts.

I'm sure they've shipped your device to the 'special breaking' warehouse.

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