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Crank the Wayback Dial to 11!

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Holy crap.

I first started coming to GDNet in the summer of 2001; I lurked, mostly, and spent most of my time reading articles. At that point I was rather active in another programming community (which has long since gone to crap) and for some stupid reason decided I didn't like the forums here.

It wasn't until April of 2002 (the 22nd, to be precise) that I made my first trip into forum-land as an actual user. (I vaguely recall surfing as an AP before then, but don't know for sure anymore.)

Now, astute readers will note that my join date is in fact July 17, not April 22. Somehow, I'd managed to forget the password to my other account (which is really stupid, because it's the same password I used for virtually everything in those days) and created a second account, which I've used ever since.

Except for once. One time, for no apparent reason, in September of 2002 - just over 4 years ago - I found my password again and made two posts. I just now tried that username and password again, and successfully logged in to my original account, for the first time in 4 years. That's almost half a decade of loneliness and neglect. A twenty-fifth of a century. A non-irrelevant and totally measurable fraction of an aeon.

So now, I present to you for your amusement and endless mockery, the original Apoch of GDNet. Lookit that skinny little bastard go.
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Ha. Most people have an embarrassing noobie starting out period. Mine is available for all to see from my profile.

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I actually also have a secret double identity from 2001 called Hierophant. I forgot all about that entry when I registered here under my current name - which I guess was understandable because the me in 2001 called "Hierophant" never made a single post (why I made an account is a totaly mystery to me).

I discovered my past self when I did a member search on my own name just for kicks, and found that I still remembered the password. Given it bugged me I broke the "only one account" rule by mistake I got the me from the past banned, otherwise some time in the future I'd probably give in to the temptation to use my alternate ego for evil.

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Original post by Mushu
lol generic request for programmers in Help Wanted.

I started off with an MMO post in HW actually. [lol]


Heh... looking back I actually seemed pretty reasonable as MMO newbs go though, although the project of course collapsed without amounting to anything.

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