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me posts from Austin

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I'm currently in Austin pressing palms and spreading goodwill at the FlashForward conference (google for it. I'm too lazy to post a link). I got to see the Adobe keynote that outlined Flash's direction for the next year or so. I'll write up an article about it and hopefully will get it posted on gamedev before that next year comes, thus rendering the article irrelevent.

It's day two and the seminars are over. Saw a couple of good ones and one that was truly horrid (I'll rant later). Currently there's a reception in the expo hall (one free beer each, but all the munchies you want). There's also a "Flash's tenth birthday party" at a bar down the street. I might go, but I must be honest. I'm married. I have a kid. I'm pushing forty. I'm not staying at the show-hotel, so I still have to drive to my hotel. I might just call it an early night.

Also, I've been to the bar before where they're having the party. It doesn't live up to the hype.

Only thing keeping me here now is a late-night invite-only party being held by "Wallop" (at the obvious URL, don't bother because it's currently just a "coming soon" bitmap). I got to see a preview of it today. Unfortunately, it's under NDA so I can't say anything about it.

But I will say this. . .


That being said, it wouldn't be bad to chum around with 'em and plan my upcoming takeover of the internet, but that party is even later (10-12), which is quite a few hours from now.

So I'll likely do the responsible thing.

Signing off from my little free internet terminal adjacent to the free snacks.

G'nite folks.
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