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GUI tweakage

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Did some minor upgrades to the gui this morning. Added entries in the scene editor context menu to allow the user to toggle wireframe mode and viewing the octtree. Also put the filename in the application title. Not sure why I hadn't bothered to do this before. Just laziness I guess.

Anyway, hoping to get started on the "object path" scene node next. This object defines a path in space and time in the scene that an object can follow. Such paths will be essential if I want to be able to do mario-esque floating platforms that the player can jump between and move around on, etc.

This is a moderately complicated update and I'll probably want to do a bit more thinking on the subject before I get stuck in. I want to be able to pass the object its' current time and it should be able to know *exactly* where it should be on the path. This is because I won't be updating every object per frame, only the objects within the "sphere of influence" of the camera. I have a rough plan atm, but I wanna get it right first.

I'll let you guys know when I've got something nutted out.
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