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It's been a really productive week, and I've coded up something I've been avoiding for months:


I can now edit any entity in the game and connect them together like lego blocks, and it all updates interactively (if you flip the numeric state of the switch, it will happily animate ON and then open the door you attached to it). As I hinted a few entries back, by decoupling my objects like this, any input device (switch, pressure pad, motion sensor, etc) will work with any output device (door, conveyor belt, light bulb, etc), and will allow any utilities in between (or, and, +, -, etc). It's like Unreal's kismet - but obviously better because it's Indie!

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Thanks for the positive feedback gents - much appreciated. The idea of a digital lego set, where you can have fun just putting things together and watching them work, really appeals to me which is why I'm spending so much time on these bits. Hopefully it pays off in the kinds of environments I can assemble, but also in allowing other to contribute to the content.

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