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Random Vector Art

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Here are the fruits of my recent effort to improve my vector art.

This art includes:
1. black and white dog with a crazy neck.
2. A cat that looks more like a kangaroo
3. Herb the wacky porcupine
4. Disgruntled Elephant.
5. The purple gorilla (not affiliated with Grape Ape)
6. A jumping dog with a bart simpson hair cut
7. A chibi performing a sobriety test.
8. A brown bear doing a split.
9. A dog standing on two legs that is looking for a good time [wink]
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Recommended Comments

Awesome work. I wish I had the ability to create characters like that.

Out of curiosity, what software did you use for drawing?

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Those are great. I really must learn to use Inkscape properly and make some time for a bit of practice, those vector characters are pretty simple really, but the style is very effective and looks great.

Any tips for getting started with a bit of vector art?

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I'm using Flash to draw them. I watched a few tutorials on cartoonsmart.com. They guy who runs that site (Justin?) offers flash art and actionscript tutorials. His actionscript tutorials are rather beginnerish... but I really enjoy his art tutorials.

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