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Some cutscene art

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My brother Ray drew some of the concept art for the first cutscene. They're done in pencil and scanned in, so they will appear light. However, they should be clear enough.

Round World ships converge on Blocky World.
Blocky Man watches the news, and hears about the invasion.
Blocky Man sets out to combat the invaders.

If there was ever a Blocky Man movie, the last one would be the poster[smile]
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The mere sight of those heathen round scum chills my very soul.

Oh, and Blockyworld has hot news reporters.

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Little did they know, their whole round armada was useless against Blocky Man...and his ability to jump on them[lol]

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Yes, but the Round invaders will be hurt by blocky bacteria[lol]

Hopedagger, you just went and gave away the prequal to Blocky Man:

Blocky Man the Origin: Escape into space and defeat the evil robot xXl3et5nip3rXx

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