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A lot of stuff done between yesterday and today. First off is a pretty big achievement - I actually finished something. No, it's not a game or even game related, but it's pretty cool in my opinion[razz].

So, I have some pretty wierd fascinations, one of which POS software (for those that don't know, POS is Point Of Sale.) A couple years ago when I moved I finally got the chance to get a cash register and that REALLY made me want to make some POS software, but since I didn't even want to take a step into the ugliness that is Win32 (I know a good amount of Win32 stuff, but listviews aren't one of them, which is practically required for POS software.) So, I never even started a project. With the advent of C# though, I decided to finally sit down and start and finish one.

First off, some screenshots for you:

Now, for some features:
  • Users database
  • As you can see it features a modifiable/expandable user database. The database is stored via XML. As you can probably tell as well, I hash both the user's password and his/her's access status.

  • Items and packages database
  • The items and packages database is stored via XML as well. Packages can be used to sell a bunch of items together at a cheaper price, or just a single item. In the Item Database->View dialog you can select multiple items in the top list-view, right-click and copy the codes for easy creation of a package.

  • Admin Restriction
  • As you can see from the fifth screenshot (Shot4.png/thumbShot4.JPEG), users that don't have admin access can't see the 'View...' menu item under 'User Database' and they can't even see the 'Item Database' menu item.

  • Required login
  • You can't see it in the screenshots, but when the app first starts up, it shows a dialog requiring correct login values. This dialog also pops up (and stays up until a user logs in again) when the user clicks Login or Logout.

  • One-time database load
  • The item database is only loaded once (when the app first loads.) I'm going to add a admin-restricted refresh option later. At the moment the user database loads everytime the login form is created, and I need to fix that (since it is also saved too often.)

  • Hashing
  • Passwords and access values are hashed.

After I get a few minor kinks worked out I'll upload it so you guys can check it out. And, ace4016 talked me into building some scanners so that I can scan UPC codes and pass them into my POS software. I'll have a bunch of stuff to learn, so that's been added to the bottom of my to-do list.

Super Mario Brothers 3 clone

So, I've started on a Super Mario Brothers 3 clone and I've gotten quite a bit done. The background scrolling works horizontally and vertically. I also have the map system almost finished, but I stopped working on that to work on my POS software.

I also finished the design document (well, I thought I had finished it, but I forgot to add the bonuses section.) Before I post a link I want to say that the ending will be played out a little more that what I have put, BUT I purposely left it the way it is. Also, the page design has only been tested on FireFox and Internet Explorer. The layout works perfectly in both, but in IE it looks wrong (because I use PNGs with alpha.) It's still readable though. Linky

I'd really appreciate some feedback, comments, and suggestions!!!

Ok, bedtime for me.
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Good luck! The design doc looks pretty solid; it had better reach completion. *shakes fist menacingly* [grin]

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Original post by HopeDagger
Good luck! The design doc looks pretty solid; it had better reach completion. *shakes fist menacingly* [grin]

rofl, yea I really need to stick to it and finish it. Thanks for the kind words![grin]

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