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Mmmmm! Game development is certainly different!

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Well first off let ma say thank you to all you kind people who responded with such encouraging and positive comments, believe me it really is appreciated. I just hope I can put something of equal measure back into this fine community.

I have registered my website site today, and hopefully get it up and running soon. It's for those who may be interested, but as I say there's nothing there yet, if you wish check back in a week or two. This step has now added some committment and a little more enthusiasm to learn and get things done.

I want to use the site to put up some of my initial work, just to get something out there and get some feedback on it, as there is no better way to learn than from your peers.

My plans are to basically do the following:
Learn the appropriate math, in theory and practice
Learn C++, properly, as my research has lead me to believe this is the way to go
Read Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, while reading Game Coding Complete
Do a small game from start to finish

I have various ideas for games, though one I idea I have for a real-life simulation would require very very little graphics and could easily be done in basic, though it would be massive, so I'll keep this one buring away in the background doing it bit by bit, while I learn how to write Far Cry 10!

As always, comments and suggestions good or bad welcome.
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BOGLGP is a pretty good read. What resources are you using to learn C++? I'd personally recommend Accelerated C++; its a small book but goes from knowing nothing about the language to the intermediate and advanced features. It was originally designed as a C++ crash course, then converted into book form.

And... its what I learned C++ from :3

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Mushu: Accelerated C++ is the book I'm using!!!

Balaam: I hope they are good enough!

Thank you for your replies!

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