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Poker is really pissing me off. Again I finished in 4th place (only pays to third). Thank God I got 3rd place in the second tournament I was in or I would have exploded.

It is a good time for me to get back into programming, it is making me not want to play poker and spend my time learning more.

Last night I finished chapter two and did half of chapter three. Tonight I have Physical Therapy and then I will hopefully get through chapter four.

Eventually, I better get my homework done. I have a ten page report due this Sunday.
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Poker is bad... one of my roommates last semester played it like 24/7. Like 3+ tables at a time. At one point, he was up $800, but a couple months later he was down to $300 because he refused to cash out like we told him to.

That, and he was a complete asshole [headshake]

Not that you're an asshole or anything!! :O!! I love you no matter how much you gamble/drink/sellyourbodyforthenextfix!!! [bawling]

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Yes, I have been playing 3 tables at a time but I only play about 3 hours a night. Until now, I cashed out $750 last night and am no longer playing online for money. I have 3,000 points that I can use to play for free and hopefully win some money. Every 100 points I get to compete against 2,500 people for $500 :)

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