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Custom Controls

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I managed to put together my first useful custom control!

It doesn't look like much but quite a few hours of work went in to that. If you knew what you were doing I think you could create that in less than 15 minutes and hopefully one day even I'll be able to do that.

This is actually a control I'm going to use in a config editor utility I'm making for work. It allows you to collapse or expand blocks of configuration so that you can read through the file more quickly and get to the bit you want to edit. Hopefully I'll also find a use for it related to games :)
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I remember coding a collapsible TreeView control in my own GUI system. Took me a bloody week; I'm impressed you got that done in so little time.

lol treeviews. There's an entire research group here at UVA dedicated to creating treeview solutions for extremely large trees. loofles. trees.

...need moar booze.

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Mushu you should check out the new forms and .NET 2.0 stuff. It's really quite amazing compared to the old Windows Programming even if you do have to use some of Microsoft's dodgy extensions.

Even though I've made this you've got a lot more interesting things on your journal :)

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