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Horsepower. Performance. Integrity.

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These are all things your Ravuya-brand(TM) device won't have.


So, um, I've been fixing bugs and adding content to Glow. The plot is actually semi-good; I'm surprised how fun it is to read (particularly the villain lines).

I've also tagged out a bug that has been bothering me for a long time on both Windows and Mac OS X; I hope it's really really fixed so I can boogie down.

Other than that, I'm going here and there and trying to find rough edges in need of polish.

Here's a screenshot that kind of caught me. I got it when I was testing the game today, and I think it really demonstrates that it is a near-finished piece of code. I hope you'll agree.
There are a couple of exceptionally difficult parts in the game right now; I have a propensity to give highly-accurate assault rifles to some enemies when I really shouldn't.

Classes (and: What's next)

I started my classes. I have a lot of work ahead of me. However, there's also a lot of fun work. I need to get my bearings after releasing Glow, then we'll start discussing timelines for my next game. I really would like to keep up the rate of "two games a year" but the next game certainly won't take five to six months to complete like Glow did.

Lots of stuff going on with me. I really hope you guys are going to love Glow as much as I do (which is really a surprising amount, considering I've been working on it long enough to be totally sick of it).
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Will Glow feature difficulty settings? Just that I'm curious, not that I'd, er, need to tone down the difficulty to beat the game, and uhm, gloat about my leet skills or, uh, anything.

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Difficulty settings are for babies. You can't ever really 'die', what else do you want? [grin]

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