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Big Issue, but, at least we have people out there stepping up

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Undoubtedly, race issues plague this country like none other. I, for one, never had the opportunity to grow up in a cultural diverse city since I live in Kansas. We may have had 3 - 5 black kids that went to my HS, no Latinos or Asians... It's pretty crazy.

I've got to say that one of the best things that could have came from joining the military was for me to step out of my white box, to meet and understand those that are of a different race. Same person, an American, but an American that grew up under different values and beliefs. I'll never understand those who wear their skin differently than mine, but having been in the military -- I can definitely say I appreciate and understand at least a fraction of what a person that is not white goes through.

It's great when I think about it and just odd at the same time. Going through the corps, I ended up making at least 1 Best friend that was, Black, Asian, and Latino. Unfortunately, is really hard to keep in touch now that we're not all together anymore, but, we still talk every once and awhile.

So! I went to go see a theatrical play tonight that covers, you guessed it, Race. I've got to say they did an amazing job and if you have the opportunity to check these guys out, they really bring to light some great stories from their lives that are just hilariously displayed. Here is a little snippet:

Main Intro:
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Segment Into:
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I, personally, agree with Colbert: people should just be colorblind. It really makes no difference what skin color people are; and you shouldn't really make assumptions about people based on such superficial characteristics.

But people do, so I guess its a part of our society. *sigh*

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I was very fortunate in that my university (in england) has the highest percentage of foreign students (approx 10% europe, 25% rest of world) and it was amazing to get to meet people from so many different backgrounds and cultures.

I'm still good friends with quite a few of them and do my best to keep in touch but a lot of them also willingly segregated themselves in to their respective ethnic groups (this is without some government housing them altogether or other influencing factor). I wish they didn't do this but I guess it's a comfort thing and I might do it if I was abroad too!

The one thing I'd add to any race debate is that positive discrimation is still discrimination!

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