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I won't believe this. On monday when I returned from school(been a week with my mum), I turned the computer on and I was met with this message:

"Failed to boot because BOOT.INI was not found".


So my dad told me to keep the pc running and see what happens. Then, after a while:

"The following files may be corrupt or missing: hal.dll"

Double Shit.

So my brother is gonna try and fix it with Ghost. I'm using a SATA disc so replacing my current one(300GB) with a new one 250GB didn't come without a cost.
In addition, I may have lost all the source code for Extra Terrestrial Invasion.

Triple Shit.

However I'm gonna apply for a week at Opera Software as a tester or something. We have a work week at school you see. I have to include my resume, so these code problems are BAD, especialy since I haven't implemented FPS limiter yet(god knows what kind of machines Opera Software use). Anyways, I've asked my brother to keep the source code directory if he can.
*crosses fingers*

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Ugh, that sucks. I've lost my code on a couple of occassions, and each time is more horrible than the last. The best (and quite possibly, only) solution is to set up/get access to a svn/cvs repository which is not on your dev machine, and commit any changes you make each night. Its a hell of a pain, but it'll save you from disaster.


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Yes, I'm gonna borrow an external hard-drive from my dad.

And yes, the hard drive is gone. I have to make ETI from the beginning.

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