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Wrestling Season Almost Here

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So I started my diet the other day. I have to lose about 2 pounds a week and then drop the last 8 or so pounds a few days before the official weigh-ins. Im dropping from 132 to 112, last year at the weigh-ins I had 2% body fat, im sure ill have 1% this time since ive grown 2 inches and gotten a lot stronger.

Im hopeing to go to place at state this year, but it will be incredibly tough to do that. I could go 125 but I doubt ide even go to state so im dropping to 112.


In programming news, I havnt had any time since im working and school and getting ready for the season. I have had various ideas for projects but only one is small enough for me to actually get some work done in my spare time.

It is a language (of course), that is kind of odd and may not have any purpose at all but I like it and think its pretty interesting.

One thing is, there are no real types. But everything is an "object", but not in the normal sense. Here is a little example:

foo = 5
bar = 10

foo.member = 6
bar.member = 8

foo.member2 = 3

cheese = foo * bar

WHAT, THEY ARNT THE SAME "TYPE" OMG IT SHOULD EXPLODE RIGHT ABOUT NOW! Wrong. Let me explain some things. Each object can have members and methods like usual but also have a root value, such as "foo" and "bar". Since I used the = operator and not the := (explained in just a sec), then it only uses its root value (5 and 10), so cheese would equal 50.

Now what about this := operator? Well it does inheritance AND equal. (: just does inheritance if you dont want to carry over all the values too). If we would changethe = to a := in that example then...
cheese would equal 50 still
cheese.member would equal 48
cheese.member2 would equal NAN or NULL (whichever I decide to use ;) ) since only foo has member2 and bar does not.

I hope you understand all that. There is a problem with that... it would be easy to inherit or inherit and equal something without knowing about a certain member. This means it would be difficult to build complex hierachies.

Though thats a problem, that is a similar problem in almost all OOP languages (change the base class and you wreck everything), this just amplifies it ;).

I find it quite interesting though so I think im going to write an interpreter for it. I'll work on it tomorow and saturday.

Please leave comments on what you think! There are also some more features I like, ill talk about them next time.


PS Ive lost 4 pounds already in 3 days, which mostly is just because of the change of amount of foods in my system, so most of that weight isnt fat/muscle lost.
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