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Wrap me up

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So, instead of working on my game, I've been dilly-dallying and screwing about with some of the "new" Propane Injector classes.

One of the first big enhancements is to the class that started this whole mess, RavBitmapFont. The replacement, Propane::Font, is faster, cleaner, more stable, and refuses to use format strings (because I caught so much shit over that, seriously you guys are like some sort of fascists).

To make up for the 'newness' I've also implemented some new features: word wrap and scaling. Oh yeah:

I think this is going to be very useful to make gorgeous-ass games.

I also moved a bunch of functions around inside Propane Injector and are starting to namespace the whole wad, so it should be much easier to develop a competent game.

I'd love to rewrite the Actor class to separate out logic and view, but that'll take awhile from now. I've got a game to make!!
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Vis-a-vis scaling: Do you support multiple bitmaps for different sizes bundled together into your font? You'll find that it looks a lot better to switch to a 'big font' bitmap once your characters reach a certain size... that's the kind of thing that could be automated.

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Obviously that's something for the future, but AFAIK AngelCode does not yet support that feature.

This is more intended to be used to make crazy pulsy text, and not as a replacement for actually having multiple fonts.

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