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Rejoining Mental and Physical Activity

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As most will be able to see, I tend to use the Yin/Yang symbol. I think it's appropriate seeing that I'm taking Hung Fut Kung-Fu, a derivative of Shaolin Kung-Fu. I hope I'm able to balance, if not juggle, 15 credits, learning game programming from Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus, and Kung-Fu. Oy! Nothing would be more satisfying then being able to accomplish all things this semester.

As of now, my Kung-Fu is hindered by my lack of flexibility (emphasis on lack) and WGP will not see any progress from me until I properly figured that damned resource editing. I forgot to mention I'm trying to get the basics of OpenGL down as well. So yes, I'm certifiable and no, I can't split in three much less two. My OpenGL learning is just hindered by time and a need to sleep and get to work on time (hee hee, forgot to mention that as well).

Oh well, hopefully everything will smoothly work itself out as the semester progressing. If not, it'll be time to set the priorities (which have already been done) and implement the strategy.

/me sighs heavily

Pray for meh!
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