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Making Progress

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Mike Bossy


I've been concentrating mostly on level design for the past week. I'm up to 31 levels completed, 21 to go. Sounds worse than it is :). I've included a screen of one of my latest levels which pays homage to an old classic. While I've never made a clone of tetris I felt I needed to show I respect where we come from.

I did make a small gameplay change this week. I was given a comment that while you're playing the game it's hard to know exactly what's going on without the audio cues. When you pick a card it just goes flying off the screen, you don't know if you just got blackjack, busted, etc. I tried to address this by changing what happens to the card based on what it does.

- When you're just picking cards that don't complete a hand they still go casually floating off the screen in a random direction, rotating along the Y axis.

- When you pick a card that causes you to bust the card goes flying straight down, really fast, rotating along the Z axis.

- When you pick a card that gives you a blackjack it stays in the same position but slowly fades out while rotating along the Z axis.

The end results of this are that you really have a feel for what you just did by selecting a card. I still have the audio cues in as well to re-inforce things. Ideally I'd rather have some kind of flash or explosion when you get a blackjack but since my engine doesn't support particle effects yet I'll have to wait. There are a couple of things I could have done but this seems to work and I was able to code it up in under 10 minutes. Thank God for properly commented OOP code!

Here's that screeny:

Old SKool
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