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The Main Post

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Well, this is sort of a long time coming for me. For those of you brand new to this project, it actually started about seven years ago with a simple sketch. This one, to be exact:

That thing sat on the shelf for a while, there in that journal, just collecting dust. I took it out later, and when I looked at it, a flood of thoughts came to mind. These thoughts formed the backbone of the mythology of the world that would keep the name from the original map: Fountaindale.

In the years from '99 - '05, I occasionally took the map out and jotted notes down - sometimes in the journal, sometimes on pieces of scratch paper, or sometimes actually typing my thoughts out staring at a computer screen. I always managed to keep a hold of those papers and files, though.

Sorting out the world...

Then about a year ago, I finally decided to assemble and sort through all of the papers, files, and thoughts I had been collecting for six years. What came out of those several months of work was a cohesive mythology, history, backstories, and a front story that could be used in a game. After all of that was sorted out, I started in on the actual game design for another several months. After creating enough world, puzzles, labyrinths, and extra quests for the monster of a story I'd made, I slapped it all down on a scanner bed and zapped it in. I could now share it with others via the magic of the internet.

I made the first post gamedev.net in January of '06, asking for help in just about every area I could. The responses came slowly, but steadily, and I soon had a small team doing very little. Although I had a lot of content (a LOT of content), I hadn't yet decided exactly what to do with it, and just how to do it. Some of the folks left the project, so I took some time off, read a couple of books, and decided to bite off just one small chunk of the Fountaindale world and concentrate on that, leaving the rest to be uncovered at a (much) later date.

With the help of Alex, a guy who has become a real stalwart on this project, we narrowed my small goal down even smaller - to the size of our current demo project. It's a tiny little thing, but it's the right size for the team we now have; we expect to finish it sometime early next year. We're making slow and steady progress, which is just fine for a bunch of guys and gals working part time.

So here it is, about eight months after I put the original "help wanted" post up, and got me one o' these developer journals going. Feel free to drop me a line...in a project as long as this, encouragement is helpful. But this dream of mine won't die as long as I don't.

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Wow, that art looks really impressive. Even your handwriting looks good. With mine, most people can't tell if I'm writing in English or Arabic.

Best of luck with the project! I've got a big dream game I'm working towards too, so I have admiration for the GameDevers who are sticking to a large multi year project.

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Wow, these are the kind of posts that keep me going. Excellent post going from concept to the stage you are in now. Good luck with the project.

I have to rate you up just cause this was a perfect post :P

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