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Progress Quest: Ravuya!

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I'm busy. Find out why!


I've been patching up minor bugs, fixing the levels up, cleaning out the art directories, and implementing new features.

I've pretty much finished the various maps and now I'm down to figuring out how to intelligently implement the game-ending functionality and tie up whatever loose ends remain.

Jervin's delivered many new sound effects and music clips, so I'm trying to find a good place for those. I'm waiting for the end of the portrait art from Salsa. I think we're really getting into the home stretch now, provided I can fix a number of the bugs, although I've fixed many that I thought were horrific already. I think limited beta testing should iron out the remainder and then it's off to the races. I would really like it if I had some evangelistas go around to various sites and pimp my game.

This is an exciting time for me. The game genuinely does not suck(TM) and will provide a fair challenge. The only thing I'm frightened about is topping myself without topping myself.

FYI, it's pretty awesome to save up your Black derms and use them all on the last level. My character, with 940HP and Strength at 173, was nearly completely immune to bullets. I tore apart a Giant practically with my bare hands. Roar.

I'll probably come out with information (and simple screenshots) of my next game concept a few weeks after the Glow release, provided school doesn't derail me. And that takes me to:


It generally sucks as always, but I'm learning graphics stuff. Yes, graphics stuff! Go, image algorithms. This means I have to brush back up on my math rather than continuing to be math-challenged.

Now if I can just figure out which academic to vent my spleen at regarding the couple hundred million bucks spent on new webpages as opposed to making sure the CS department has, uh, professors, I should be all set.

Sell Cell Phone Smell

I'm looking into new cell phones. I'd like to be able to use MIDP 2.0, but I'd also like to be able to make phone calls and text messages without chopping off my limbs. I'm thinking of getting a Nokia 6216 based on its JBenchmark standing and relatively low price compared to Motorola's brutally expensive offerings.

Canadians: Give me cheers and jeers with telcos. I'm happy with Fido.

The March to Propane Injector 1.0

I was screwing around with materials last night, and ended up with this. I hope you like it.
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I can't wait to play Glow, it sounds and looks like it's going to be fun to play. So, hurry up and get it finished[razz].

Btw, I can send a message to Tony over at GameDevGeek to see if he'll mention it in his blog. I don't know many other game sites though.

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