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Game progresses

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Got DirectSound up and working now, with a seperate utility program that packs a bunch of WAV files together into a single custom file for ease of loading and deployment. DirectSound is dead easy compared to DirectDraw or Direct3D, although some built in support for loading WAV data would have been nice since that bit was a nightmare with all the mmioGoMental and FOURCC('d','a','f','t') stuff.

The game is coming along. The ship can fire missiles now, which explode when they hit stuff, and the ship can be destroyed by flying into blocks that have a "fatal" attribute specified in the level file.

I got a pause system working, and this actually turned out to be far more complex than I expected. I sort of thought of things like this as trivial but it was a bit more involved than I thought.

Now when you press escape, the screen darkens a bit (via the diffuse colour), a "Paused" message appears in the middle of the screen and you can press "Q" to exit. Any sounds that are playing get paused as well, then restarted when you continue the game.

Don't really know where this is going since I'm making it up as I go along but I figure all I need is to add in some kind of thing to collect and some kind of way to exit a level once you've collected all the things, then a few different types of moving enemy, a title screen and a system for stepping though a variety of different levels and I've got myself a game.
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Certainly, although having posted them (next Journal post) they look a bit naff when not in motion. You don't really get the full impression of the sound effects very well either [smile].

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