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Response to HopeDagger's request for screenshots

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This is in response to HopeDagger's reply to my last post requesting screenshots. I don't really think these would have been worth posting without a specific request, but who am I to argue?

Ship having just fired some missiles:

Game paused:

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Yay. Awesome. I love your simplistic -- yet aesthetically pleasing! -- graphics. [smile]

Although they may not seem that stunning to you, the developer, they really add a lot to the 'beefiness' of your posts. Offering nice visuals always keeps the readers coming back for more!

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Thanks. As I'm sure you're aware, feedback like that can make the difference between scrapping a project and seeing it through to completion. One of the reasons I subscribed to Gamedev was in the hope that the journal, and perhaps even one day the showcase, would have that effect on me.

The block graphics are a bit fill-in, although I tend to prefer simple graphics. I'm certainly no artist and do not claim to be, but years of necessity-driven bad programmer art has honed my PaintShopPro skills to the "acceptable" I like to think.

Actually, one of the things I like most about the new (to me) features of Direct3D, like diffuse colours and alpha-blending, is that I can cram a lot of "free" effects into games without having to create more graphics.

I actually hate drawing and animating sprites.

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Particles indeed. Particles rock when you hate drawing explosions and stuff.

I've just got a basic bitmap:

and an alpha map (red to black - solid to transparent):

then a CreateExplosion call that bungs a load of them at the centre of the explosion with random X and Y velocities. Inheritance takes care of moving them since particles, like every other screen object, derive from classes that take care of movement and so on.

When a particle's life starts to expire, its global alpha value fades out.

Looks wicked. Can't really get the effect from screenshots.

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