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One more screenshot

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Just wanted to share this one. There are cool little rotating stars you can pick up now that have a little starburst effect when you get them.

I'm fairly happy that so far the whole game requires only two calls to DrawIndexedPrimitive per frame as well, despite being able to load arbitrary numbers of different graphics files at startup.

I'm now thinking get all the stars to activate a teleport, teleport uses alpha-fading to take you off the screen then on to the next level. Bing bang bosh - game structure finished and just mobile enemies to do.

Oh, and a level editor.

This is the animation for the star:

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Wow, I've been gone for a couple of days, and I completely missed this project, but now that I've seen it, it looks pretty damn cool!

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Nitpick: How are you distributing your particles? It looks like you're spawning x particles within a rectangular region and scattering them pseudo-randomly, but it would go really far to have it use a bounding circle, rather. It makes the disbursals of particles much more natural-looking.

Nitpicking aside, it's looking niiiice. [smile]

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Nah, it just looks like that from the screenshot.

The explosion particles (top right above) are all spawned at the same point at the exact centre of the explosion and assigned random vertical and horizontal velocity so they shoot out at various angles and look quite nice and chaotic. It doesn't look rectangular when in motion.

The starbursts when you get the stars (can't get the effect at all from the screenshot) shoot out eight smaller stars at preset angles so they zoom outward in a circle before fading out.

I agree the explosion does look rectangular in the screenshot but that's just pure chance from when I hit print screen. The only other way would be to make the explosions zoom out in circles like the starbursts but then I think they would look too regular.

Thanks for the comments anyway. BTW I downloaded your Admiral Overall game last night and had an entertaining ten minutes throwing tomatoes at frogs. Nice job.

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Looking very nice! The graphics are just very 'pleasant' (that's the only word I can think of at the moment.) Good work!

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Cheers. The blocks need some work but I'm pretty happy with the ship, the star and the particles. I suspect I shall have those rotating stars in every game I write for the next ten years.

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