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We look to have a go!

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I emailed the lecturer about the TLM stuff earlier today to say I was intrested in doing it and arrange a meeting, I wasn't expecting a reply that quickly however a couple of hours later I get a reply from him (gotta love the dedication) saying that it was infact an area he wanted to expand things into and so it fits nicely with his research... win!

Got a meeting with him tuesday afternoon at 4:15pm, so I've got tomorrow and tuesday early afternoon to bone up on the subject a bit more and get ideas scribbled down so I can meet with him vaguely organised.

D3D it looking like my API of choice now, with Vista + D3D10 allowing me to play with Geo Shaders via software emulation (even if it does result in minutes per frame [wink]), as pointed out by Jack in a comment below, and the better R2VB setup ATI have on D3D when compared to OGL (lack of PBO extension = teh suck) means it's looking like the best tool for the job.

The work last year was infact done with C# and MDX, however as I'm gonna have to go with D3D9 AND D3D10 I think I'm gonna stick with C++ and try and abstract things a bit to make my life easier.

Anyways, it all looks good.. I've even got a few ideas to get around the issues the guy who did it last year didn't crack (such as applying this to any model..)

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I suppose you'll come across it fairly quickly, but the current builds of DXUT have mixed D3D9 and D3D10 paths - presumably so you can prototype/transition code between the two API's. Makes it slightly easier to target multiple platforms, which you seem to suggest you'll be doing [smile]


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I don’t want to talk you into something but if you prefer C# over C++ I can offer you a managed Direct3D 10 version. It’s open source under a MIT license.

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@Jack: Cheers for that info, can mention it tomorrow at my meeting if needs be [grin]

@Demirug: Thanks for the offer, but I'm still a bit of a n00b when it comes to C#, I think for this I might well stick at what I know and just focus on the GPU bits and bobs learning wise... still, cheers anways [smile]

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