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Weird Khouse issue..

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I sent a link of my portfolio to a cinemtographer who I studied with a while ago. Unfortunately, he can't seem to view entries in the Work section, which is strange because everything else works for him (to even access the Work section would imply that Ajax is working - so I don't understand the problem).

He says..


I can get into the work section. But all the buttons "design, focus, logo, online, and print" will animate with roll-overs, and there is a window space on the right - but nothing comes up when they are selected.

Windows XP (Updated vers. SP2), 1Gb RAM, Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 I have updated versions of flash, quicktime, realplayer, and windows media. javascript is enabled.

Hrm. I can't think of one possible explanation for this, so it's mildly annoying. Actually, a friend of mine had the same problem when trying to use my website on his workstation at Red Bull. Beyond these two people, I've never had a problem. Ugh!
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I'm running the same build of IE and have the same problem, which is weird, because the page worked fine previously.

I tested it with FireFox, and it worked fine. I suspect its a weird browser issue or flash plugin thing. Other than that, no idea :|

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Ah ha! Figured it out.

I have to explicitly set my DIV style to include "filter:Alpha(opacity=100)", otherwise if I try and run my script on it, IE throws a null object error.

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