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Movement paths still...

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Well, another week and I'm still here. Work, volleyball, church and Diablo 2 have been carving out a lot of my time lately, so I haven't made too much progress on the editor. I'll be playing in the AVL (Australian Volleyball League) over the next 2 months or so. This has plusses and minuses as far as development is concerned. Obviously as I'll be training harder, there'll be less "after work hours" time to share with programming. But on the plus-side, as several of the matches are interstate, I'll be taking my laptop along and getting stuff done in the down-time.

An update on the movement paths stuff: I think I've got the basic workings of this figured out. I have a "path manager" object, one for each path in the scene. Inside this is an array of pointers to "path node" objects, which are basic subclasses of the BASE_SCENE_OBJECT class and are inserted into the scene-graph as usual. The path nodes can use either simple linear-interpolation or catmull-ROM for that nice smooth curvy look.

Also on the agenda is modifying the CurvedWorldObject class to hold at least 2 levels of detail meshes in them. This will be fairly simple to implement and will just involve adding a couple of new unsigned chars to the mesh settings (LOD levels 0 and 1) and a floating-point distance to cut to the low-detail mesh. As each level of tesselation multiplies the face-count by 4, only going 1 level lower should give a decent drop in tris to be drawn.
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