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Distractions Distractions....

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I have really wasted all this day to doing nothing, even if there was no new things on the websites I visit daily I kept browsing them and looking for new stuff that was not there.

So I decided that I should at least organize what I'm going to do tomorrow and what chapters I plan to tackle. I'm gonna keep using the tutorial that Visual Basic express includes unless you can link me up with one better than this one thats free. So tomorrow I'm gonna go trough "The Basics: How programming Works" chapter and the "Representing Words, Numbers, and Values with Variables " chapter. With the variable chapter I plan on doing the basic exercise it includes plus whatever I come up with that involves variables.

If you have any suggestions on what exercise I should do that could help my noobish coding skills just tell me about on the comments.

P.S: What do yo people do to not distract youself while coding?
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