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Means, Ends, Reasons

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Load of code commenting today. Also tidied up a bit of what was left of my pathfinding troubles. Now I have to start thinking about program architecture, and how I'm going to get all the pieces to fit together. Things like the general program flow, input, yada yada yada. I'm just looking forward to putting pathfinding behind me. Working on one thing for over a week non-stop kind of wears you out.

Over the weekend, I was reading some of the articles about starting up your own development studio, and I got thinking. I wonder why people have a desire to get into this business? I imagine some people think it'd be a really fun, easy job. Of course it isn't, it's hard work just like anything else. But aside from just plain old ignorance of what it takes, why do people get into this business? What makes people want to put in the hard yards?

I think for myself, I look at the (what I feel to be) low quality of games today, I shake my head, sigh, and think "I can so do better than that." And maybe I can. I don't know, I guess I just feel there's not enough really good games out there. I can't tell if it's a feeling of odd nostalgia or what, though. Maybe I just remember games being better when I was younger because I was less jaded at that time.

Still. Why do people want in this industry? Why do you? Maybe I should start a topic on the boards or something. Hmm. More work tomorrow. I'd better start planning things out.

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