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started that mini game thing

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Work on this work on that, why not take a break and code some fun game to play in your down time? Basic 2D plane shooter, nothing special.

I showed what i have so far with my fighter to my brother, and i got the eventful resolution of 'that sucks'. It was fun, but hey, keep truckin right?

How to get the animations to run through all of their frames even after that trigger key has been pressed? I think it might have something to do with SDL_GetTicks(), but you never know.

I didnt get much other than a small edit to the BG clearing system done today, but thats becuase so many other people to fight off and my designer wants my 'can i do this' on some features he wants to add in. I wish they knew the dang capabilities, the either ask for something that is so stupidly easy or ask for impossibly hard crap. Suckage.

So little time, so much to do.

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Your brother?

I wouldnt let that demotivate you, especially if he knows nothing about programming he cant appreciate what youve got and how much work is put into even the simplest shooter.

Keep it going, I want a DEMO!.

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