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Me is the not happy

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My box finally showed up today. Turns out there's also an Acworth in New Hampshire, of all places, and they decided to send it to that one instead of the one in Georgia. This is made only slightly less astounding when we consider that my ZIP code is of the form 3nnnn, and the counterpart in the north is 03nnn. Apparently, judging by the scribblings all over the shipping label, a digit got left out.

In the wonderful way computers do, something somewhere is treating ZIPs as integers, and not strings. Therefore, instead of immediately noticing a missing digit, checking the state, and doing a most-likely-target lookup of ZIP codes, the system (or some dumbass with a barcode scanner, but probably the system) decided that it was looking at a number - a number for which a leading zero is "optional." And thus things went pear-shaped.

I still don't understand why they didn't check the state code as a sanity check on the ZIP code, but that's package delivery for ya. If they were rocket scientists, they'd work in another business.

So anyways, my stuff finally shows up: a breadboard, some voltage regular ICs, and the RCA composite video jacks. Problem is, the breadboard's pin pitch is too large for the stuff I'm working with (which I figured from the beginning, but it was worth a shot). It also didn't include the pack of assorted precut wires which was advertised in the spec sheet. Worse, the voltage regulators only supply 0.1A - not the 1.0A I need to be able to draw.

And that's how I wasted two weeks waiting for a package full of stuff I can't use.
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