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No time for gamedev :(

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Too Busy for my Shirt?

Phew. University life is just plain busy. Since the brief development spree I had prior to my last post, I haven't even had a chance to really sit down and get working on the map editor. Today I only had an hour or two to myself, which I promptly spent playing a funfun session of Deus Ex 2.

Three assignments due this week. Zero completed. I've already put around 5 hours into my Algebra one, and haven't even glanced at my CS and Calculus ones. It's going to be a rough week. And likely thereafter, since the assignments are weekly. Groan.

But all is not lost.


This evening I met with Kas, the current President of the GameDev club here at the university. We worked out how we'd structure the first meeting, a layout of the rest of the meetings throughout the term, the projects our members would (likely) be pursuing, and some website discussion.

The Tools: Me and Kas both agreed that C# with XNA is a really cool direction to take this club in. C# is a reasonably friendly language (compared to demons like C++) and is very similar to Java, which most uni students are already relatively competant in. Wonderful. Since I'm the "programmer guy" I basically need to do a crapload of "looking into" XNA and learning more about it so I can intelligently put together presentations and answer questions regarding it. Hopefully this won't mean deviations from my FPS project.

The Project: We foresee two types of members. Those with no/very-little gamedev experience, and those who -- to some degree -- know what they're doing. The beginners will work on a game of 'Asteroids' throughout the term. In sessions we'll cover areas like init, main loop, entity management, resource handling, game states, and other areas full of examples, and then more or less leave them to implement and work on this game during their own time. We'll have a forum setup (ideally) so we can assist people actively over the 'net, since people WILL get stuck. More advanced members will be able to assemble a project proposal and run it by us for advice/recommendations. This is mainly to prevent people from going gung-ho crazy-ambitious and starting on a game they'll never finish.

The Website: Looks like I'm doing that part, too. I think we'll opt for a web-portal system. They're reasonably easy to setup (I think?), and come with virtually all of the features we'll need, like a screenshot gallery, downloads, links/resources page, announcement page, and a forum of somesort. Shouldn't be TOO bad.

Feedback: You guys are great, so feedback about how I can better manage the club is definitely welcome. After I get the site/forum up, I'm sure plenty of my fellow developers 'round 'ere can offer their insights and help people who need help, to some degree. [smile]

What about that FPS map editor?

I'm getting there!
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I wish we had a game development group here - that would be really awesome. The closest thing I get to that is random encounters with Fruny, during which much C++ randomness is discussed. That, and helping people with their programming issues when they have problems (and ask), I guess.


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Original post by Mushu
I wish we had a game development group here - that would be really awesome.

Then start one, you hoser. If somebody takes the initiative, then the magic can spread to everyone. [smile]

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Me and my friend can make the website if you so wish. I mean - you already have alot of stuff on your head, and any work would be great for us. [smile]

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