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Pieces Coming Together, Chaps!

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Evening, folks. Or, morning. Or, afternoon. Depends on your location I imagine.

Speaking of which, what is the official cut-off between afternoon and evening? I've always been told 6PM. Eh, guess it isn't the end of the world if I don't know.

Things are coming along in a fashion as only witnessed in the movies. Well, not really, but they're certainly happening.

A programmer was found posthaste, and I do believe we're in luck to be working with the fantastic (and always pleasant smelling) Jesse Chounard. We're talking to another artist at the moment and may contract him to help us speed the process along.

Sadly, I've been shown again that I seriously haven't planned enough in the way of setting up a schedule, and it bothers me. I'm busy playing catch up now. This whole two jobs, school, and a company thing really breaks one down.

At least the Diet Pepsi is holding out.

Meanwhile, in a week, I'll show you what we've gotten for the graphical side of things. I'm fairly proud of it and excited to show you what Matt and Jin have done.

See you in a week or so.
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Eww, Pepsi. I can't understand how people drink that (and like filth). I'm a Coke person all the way, but my school (University of Virginia) is a Pepsi school.

You have no idea how much it pains me... but I do manage to keep my fridge (literally) brimming with cans of coke. Hur hur *caffiene headache*

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I thought it became evening at 4?

BTW, I havnt drank soda in 2 and a half years, all of it is "filth" as you said. (but yes, I liked coke more than pepsi)

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