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Today was another bad day. Spent most of my time brawling with Lua, eventually giving up then checking out SHilScript. I think SHilScript is better suited to my needs - I don't need the crazy 'hey mom look I can do everything' that Lua has.

Anyway. Throw in a gaggle of random problems (like... somehow System::Diagnostics::Debug was thrown into the global namespace and replacing my own Debug stream, which I *intentionally* threw into the global). No idea what the fuck was going on there, but I had to re-create the entire VS project to fix it.

In any case, this gave me the chance to make some changes to my naming conventions and standardize everything and whatnot. Most fun I've had all day, renaming ~60 files so they all look alike [rolleyes]

That, and I have a lab tommorrow, a paper and a test on Wednesday, another test on Thursday, a lab report (for a different lab) due Friday, and another test next Tuesday. None of which I've actually started, of course, and in addition to the normal weekly homework load.

Can you say "lolol fuxxored!"??
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I'm in similar situation, only with mine I don't have a car yet. So getting to school has been tough. That having been said I haven't gone to a single class yet, but thankfully I'm only a week in to the semister. I should really start going, otherwise I will be fucked.

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I've not been having as rough as a time with you guys.

But with organizing the launch of a mod (http://www.eternal-silence.net *self-pimp*, filling out college applications, finishing up my eagle project, which each of these are all HUGE time commitments, then I'm rather swamped.

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lol, another Eagle rush. I did my Eagle stuff when I was like 16, so I never really had that "OMG I TURN 18 ON MONDAY!!!11" crunch.

Plenty of my friends did though (10/12 of my roommates last semester were Eagle scouts), and it was certainly lol to hear all their stories.

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