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Yarr, it be an update on t' horizon!

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Trapper Zoid


Random thought for t' day:
Yarr, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Avast and blast it to Davy Jones' locker! While I be setting full sail to finish ye Inkscape tutorial by this morn, but scribing t' art process is like picking weevils out of me hard tack. But I still have a day before me feels the twang o' guilt about missing port again. Plus it be better that t' comments from yer swabs be in plain English rather than all salty. Expect me sorry attempt at a tutorial by t'morrow.

Since I know ye maties may need ye spirits raised to help avoid a mutiny against yer ol' Cap'n Trapper, so I offer ye this instead. For t' Unofficial GameDev Music Project, we be asked to rearrange thar Frog's Theme from t' pearl of a game Chrono Trigger. While I be like a landlubber when it comes to t' music, me thought it be a spot o' fun to remix one of me old shanties. I were going to spend a bit o' time givin' it a bit o' polish at t' time, but mebbe me were swillin' too much grog - me mind were a sheet in t' wind's eye and I forgots all about it.

So fer yer list'nin' pleasure, I offer ye t' sea shanty stylin's of Pierre and the Frog (XM format, 521 kB). It be in XM format which may be a problem for some swabbies, and it be a bit rough in places, but a true pirate can cope. Ye can also replace "attack.xm" in Pierre and the Fish with this if ye rename it for some diff'rent tunes.

This reminds me that me ModPlug Tracker skills be in dry dock for too long. While me keyboardin' skills have been improvin' it be time to scrape the barnacles of me tracker and time to set sail in t' ocean of module music once more.

Till next time, steer clear of those reefs and happy sailin'!
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