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Ironically the group I am working with to make a Major in Game Engine programming is going to be disbanded next thursday. The group I am working with, has 2 people who are always sick. Always complaining and well its getting quite a nuisance.

I have almost finished my C++ manual that should give people some insight on what you need to understand game programming, but I am still looking at the mathematical requirements. I know things like:

-Linear algebra?

are neccesary, but some people say they are not really big requirements that you need. Honestly game programming does not seem too hard, its just taking that first step. I already designed something in UML, the big breaking point I am having is trying to teach students who really are interested in programming a lot in under 7 weeks. I already said you need atleast 14-28 weeks of practice to grasp the basic concepts.

Programming I have sadly not had the time for it, work and real life are really being a pain. And not having Visual Studio 2005 with you at your parents can be a pain :) I hope to find some balance in my life soon and start programming, its been on my list to do for so long, and my Gamedev subscription is running out soon so I really have to show something for it! :)

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