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Journal title suggestions welcome

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Well due to my continual slacking I haven't really done that much since I last posted here [smile]. I've had a go at making a journal template which I don't think looks too bad. I'll probably change it sometime soon though.

I tried out the Rome: Total War demo today, it's pretty good fun. It looks good and creates a good atmosphere. When you zoom into battles you can hear the clang of metal on metal, arrows flying overhead, men shouting orders etc, kinda makes me wish I had 5.1 surround sound. The game is also rediculously easy on the medium difficulty setting, though there were 4 or 5 settings higher than that, prehaps I should take it up a notch or two and try again.

I've also just about finished the first version of a little app I've been (slowly) working on. I currently working on a mod and hence I need to do a fair bit of transfering files mainly between me and a friend, who's the leader of this mod. I normally use the file transfer on MSN for this, but I've started using GAIM for my IM client and it doesn't seem to like either sending or receiving files. We tried using DCC on IRC but that keeps failing for some reason, probably to do with my router setup. Anyway I decided to create a small app (called file thrower) using C# and windows forms for doing quick p2p file transfers. When connecting to another persons computer to do a file tranfer you need their IP, so this program can first connect to an IRC server then perform a WHOIS lookup on a given nickname and grab their IP from that and then connect to their machine, just makes things a little easier. I've got a wanted feature list for it which I guess I should start working through at some time. There's a screenshot of it below:

Another thing I've done recently for Valandil (the mod I'm working on) is set up a Wiki. They're incredibly useful for team projects as they can serve as a main repository for all your documentation where anyone on the team can view it, make contributions etc. We're also using our Wiki to handle things like release schedules so we can see what we need to get done for a given release, who needs to do it, when things are going to be ready, report bugs with different releases etc.

Below is a picture of another thing I've been playing around with recently. It's my attempt at creating a full-screen glow effect which currently looks rather bad (and my 2-minutes-in-blender test model probably doesn't help either). I've got everything setup right I just need to adjust the blur until it looks just right.

Oh and I got my AS-Level results recently (exams you take when you're 17 in the UK). I got a B in human biology, an A in physics, an A in chemistry and a couple of As in maths (counts as two as I'm doing maths and futher maths). So I was pretty pleased with them [grin] I just hope I can keep it up through my A-Levels.
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Did you finish the File Thrower app?

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