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MMMMmmm.... Decisions decisions.

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No new art to show (sorry, been lazy today). However, I just found my new favorite cheese. I'm amazed. Its a cheese thats flavored like horseradish. Doesn't sound very appetizing, does it?

But it is!!!!

So, I'm currently pondering which art history I should take. I can take a cool easy 300 level Japanese Art History class... which I'm currently signed up for. OR! I could drop it, and take a 700 level "Themes in Research Technologies" graduate art history class. Also involves me having to write a 20 page term paper.

Well... to me the choice is obvious... but I'm really being pressured by my dept to take this graduate level class. The benefit to me taking it is that I can do some nice strong in depth research in computerization and gaming as an art form (and share my findings) but then again... I've always wanted to take a Japanese art class.

ARrrgghhh!!!!!! *eats some horseradish flavored cheese*
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