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Fear the cow

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Nothing much happening in personal development projects lately. Things have been busy both with work and other commitments. So I guess I'll just post a blurb about programming philosophy today.

As you might see from my posting history, I tend to use C++ almost exclusively in my personal projects. I don't do this out of any belief that C++ is the one true way or that I'm more productive in C++. If anything, judging from my experience in the work force, I'm probably most productive in Visual Basic. So why do I use C++? It's not because I believe that programs written in C++ perform better or because I think C++ will still be the dominant language in the next decade. It's a much simpler answer than all that: I have the most fun programming in C++. I enjoy the writing of specialized suballocators and playing with template weirdness. C++ is high enough level to make the computer do what I want without too much fuss, and low enough level to do all those obscene little tricks that you shouldn't do in production code that are fun anyways. And the language itself is sufficiently pissy that there's challenge in getting compiling code that you won't find in more modern languages. (If you don't understand why I would think that's fun, keep in mind I also produced Dodecahellspawn - all my wheel aren't necessarily turning the right way.)

Of course, I also won't claim that C++ would be the most fun of the programming languages for everyone. Different people have different comfort zones. And even I need to take a break from it every now and then. But, for future reference, any time anyone asks why C++, this is my answer.
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