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Game update

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Coming along. No screenshots worth posting tonight but now when you have collected all the stars, it activates the teleport ring, which spirals out from its centre which looks quite cool.

If you fly into the teleport ring you fade out and the ring spirals back in on itself, screen fade then on to the next level (well, restarts the only level at the moment, but you get the idea).

Need to just find some freeware WAVs for the teleport appearing and you vanishing at the end, then I reckon it will be time to start the level editor and some mobile enemies.

I've seperated all the block, particle and item definitions out of the level file into a seperate config file that is loaded once at startup, so the level editor will not need to be quite so complex. I'll probably just bung it together with Borland Builder since I'm not planning to ship it.

Got my driving test again tomorrow. Here's hoping third time lucky. I'm feeling a bit more confident than the last two times I took it (and failed, obviously) but there is an element of luck on the day involved.

It's getting a bit embarrassing being 31 and not being able to legally drive.

[EDIT] Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha! Ha!
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